The design brief:

Create a new shower room to the master bedroom taking the client’s mobility needs into account.

Design principles in action

Biophilic design:

  • Bringing nature into the bathroom space.
  • Using evocations of nature such as natural shapes and patterns.
  • Focusing the nature of the space on refuge and relaxation.

Salutogenic design:

  • Adopting a deeper purpose behind the décor.
  • Enabling a better quality of life.
  • Drawing on meaningful local influences.

The project in focus

The clients on this project love being outside enjoying their Lake District location. We reflected this in the scheme. There’s cohesion between the design and the surrounding environment.

This wellness bathroom exudes a calming atmosphere. The flowing curves in the design mimic nature. They replicate the organic shapes seen in the local hillsides, water and trees.

The palette also draws on the colours and shades found in the client’s local environment. It connects them to the sense of happiness and relaxation they experience in nature.

Using a monochromatic scheme creates a feeling of peace and relaxation. Both emotional and physical wellbeing can thrive in this simple, uncluttered space. The large walk-in shower and spaciousness in the room’s centre accommodate mobility needs.

Salutogenic design in focus

This wellness bathroom is more than the sum of its parts. For one client, it provides independence in their daily routines. And for both clients, it’s a relaxing space that’s also easy to maintain.

The large walk-in shower features an integral shower seat topped with a piece of Corian. This strong material is softer and warmer to the touch than tiles. A simple but essential consideration for the promotion of wellbeing.

Large-format tiles line the shower wall, providing a minimalistic look. And a concealed recess is the perfect solution for personal cleaning products. They’re hidden from view in the wall next to the shower seat. There’s no need for bottles in the seating area, which would have been a potential hazard for the client.

Other helpful design features are a non-slip shower tray, a large shower head and a separate hose. All ideal for a sit-down shower. The thermostatic shower controls sit near its entrance. This ensures the correct temperature on entry. 

We positioned three grab rails along the wall for extra stability. Each has a gentle curve to echo the soft, undulating theme throughout the design. The floor covering is non-slip and heated for extra comfort and luxury.

Biophilic design in focus

The shapely vanity unit echoes the curvaceous local landscape. It has generous dimensions and two deep pull-out draws for storage. The fact it is wall-mounted helps create a feeling of space and allows the clients to get as close as possible to it. The unit’s countertop space keeps everyday essentials like toothbrushes close to hand.

The bathroom’s large window provides much natural light. We replicate this bright ambience through the lighting scheme. It features recessed LED downlighters overhead and integral LED lighting within the mirror.

There’s a rich sensory connection to nature underpinning the luxury and practicality here. Floating shelves host healthful potted plants. And the walnut-veneered basin unit and tiles have gentle patterns that ebb and flow.

It all adds up to a new level of client independence and wellbeing.