Whilst working on your project, we maintain detailed time logs which are transparently shown on invoices for all stages detailing all meetings, all calls, quite simply all work.


  • Design time at £110.00+VAT per hour.
  • Design Support time at £55.00+VAT per hour.
  • Architect time at £110.00+VAT per hour.

All onsite meetings incur mileage expenses charged at 45p per mile.

Procurement of all FF&E, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment, during any stage requires both your sign off and 100% payment before order.

When souring bespoke/ unique pieces, showroom visits are charged at the Design time rate, plus travel expenses. These visits require your sign off.


For the STAGE 1: INITIAL CONSULTATION and any one-off Consultancy appointments, invoices are sent after the appointment alongside the report write up.

For all other stages, we invoice at the end of every month.

All invoices are on 7-day payment terms.