• Is there a minimum size of project that Charlotte will take on?

    For residential clients, Charlotte only takes on projects involving 3 or more rooms. This allows for the creation of a considered and cohesive home design approach with an organic flow.

  • Does Charlotte only take on clients in the North West?

    Charlotte Findlater is based on the Lancashire/Cumbrian border, with many projects in Cheshire. If the scope of the project is significant enough (and it’s the right fit with an aligned approach) then Charlotte is happy to take on projects further afield, or internationally.

  • When should I hire a designer?

    As early in the process as possible! A fresh pair of eyes can, more often than not, bring a considered approach to the spatial arrangement of buildings. Working alongside architects, structural engineers, planning and conservation teams allows Charlotte to consider all the possibilities on behalf of her clients.

  • What is the design process?

    Charlotte’s design process is wholly transparent and has been honed over many years of professional practice. If you are interested in commissioning her services, please do look over the approach, fees, and stage by stage delivery. Visit Charlotte’s Design Journey page.

  • What happens during the initial consultation?

    The initial consultation usually takes place on site, whether that’s residential or commercial. It gives Charlotte an understanding and overview of your vision and the scope of the project – and provides an opportunity for you to outline your design ideas. Charlotte can also gain an understanding of how the space is to be used. For more details visit Charlotte’s Design Journey page.

  • I’m not confident about design. Will Charlotte set the design direction for me?

    Often clients are unsure of the style they wish to achieve and give Charlotte only a few hints of what they like or their brand identity. This is absolutely fine, and the journey for such projects can prove fascinating for the client. Charlotte is experienced in being handed a whole project with little direction. She enjoys the challenge immensely and always seeks to create stunning results.

  • Why do I need a garden designer?

    Designing and building a garden is a challenging process and requires a diverse range of creative, technical and horticultural knowledge to deliver the most stunning results. Charlotte can provide that skillset.

    Similarly, it can take an expert eye to ground a garden in its natural setting – it’s important to think about the context of the building and the landscape in which the garden sits.

    Charlotte Findlater Design can help if you want to transform or rejuvenate your outdoor spaces. Or, Charlotte is often commissioned as an extension of existing property design or renovation commissions. Combining interior and exterior projects means she can balance the harmony of the inside and outside spaces, creating a dialogue between the two.

  • When is the best time to get your garden designed?

    Charlotte can design a garden in any season and work throughout the year.

  • We just need a few ideas. Does Charlotte offer a consultancy service for this?

    Yes, if you don’t want to commit to a physical design, Charlotte offers a consultation and advice service. She will visit your property and discuss the site, giving you the ideas and inspiration needed to take your project forward in your own direction.

  • How are you different to other designers?

    Charlotte implements a holistic application, bringing together diverse design strategies. This approach integrates nature into the built environment. Her designs help clients experience nature directly and indirectly and focus on space and place.

    A fundamental aim is to leave a positive design legacy when renovating and restoring both historic and modern spaces. Fusing aesthetic and philosophy with Salutogenic principles creates unique home-retreats or work spaces for clients.

    Charlotte actively seeks to pursue health and contentment through design. Through the implementation of bespoke designs, she can create a state of calmness. Her spaces see clients enjoying their happiness and health, wanting and needing less, and appreciating the wabi-sabi imperfection of all that is natural.

    For more details please read our Ethos page.

  • Are you ecologically conscious?

    Charlotte builds bridges between the past and future; her designs reflect the practical needs of the home or work space and take a careful and considered approach. The design always relates to the landscape or a building’s immediate environment.

    She designs with the refinement of simplicity, rustic elegance and beauty.

    Collaboration with artisans and craftsman features in each and every project, which builds and creates something spectacular. This leads to a deeper personal connection for the client as the enjoy their unique spaces.

    For more details please read our Environmental Pledge page.

  • Can Charlotte work with my own contractors?

    Yes Charlotte can.

  • Will Charlotte save me money?

    Engaging the services of Charlotte Findlater can help avoid making expensive mistakes. Importantly it can save you time and a lot of energy in sourcing products best suited to your project, leaving you time to get on with other important aspects on your life.

  • How long will it take?

    This very much depends on the stage at which you decide to engage Charlotte Findlater and the scale of the project. Project lead times may take several weeks, especially if appointing specialist trades, so the earlier you get Charlotte Findlater involved, the more efficiently and smoothly your project will flow.

  • Is Charlotte an Environmentalist?

    Yes, very much so, see Charlotte’s Environmental Pledge page and the Organisations she supports.