Charlotte specialises in luxury, high-end residential and commercial projects. Creating elegant and timeless spaces, she forges a symbiotic relationship between design and nature.

Charlotte discovered her love of design at a young age whilst growing up in the rural North of England. Being immersed in the countryside and experiencing the power of nature inspired her for a life in design.

A fresh voice in the industry, Charlotte always aligns her designs with her natural and sustainable ethos.

Known for transforming a multitude of spaces, her portfolio includes significant listed buildings, country houses, commercial spaces, city apartments and new builds.

Charlotte’s starting point is always the ‘bones’ of the structure, reflecting the unique character of the region and considering the relationship between the interior and exterior spaces.

She is recognised for her clean and modern approach.

Charlotte Findlater Biophilic Designer

Charlotte Findlater unique design

Charlotte does not follow design trends. She recognises that each project and client is unique and places them at the heart of her work. Combining creativity with practical guidance ensures that the end results are beautifully executed. It also allows the architecture of the building to harmonise with its surroundings.

Symmetry, proportion and architectural features run right through Charlotte’s work. And you can expect to see stunning design-led craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Based in the North of England, Charlotte provides:

  • outstanding interior design
  • build and project management
  • total refurbishment services
  • landscape services

She brings passion, depth of knowledge and endless enthusiasm to every project she works on.

Charlotte Findlater Biophilic Designer
Charlotte Findlater Biophilic Designer

Credit to


Photography, Nico and Tate



Stylist, Cara Peeny

www.representedby.me  @carapeeney


Hair and make up, Michael Richmond

www.representedby.me  @mrrichmond


Projects range from complete property renovations to bespoke room schemes.
Charlotte has experience of:

  • significant listed buildings
  • country houses
  • new builds
  • city apartments
  • commercial spaces
  • landscaping

Employee Wellbeing Design

Placing people at the heart of workplace design by taking a human-centred approach.

Biophilic Art

Commissioning art that breathes life into a space and brings tangible beauty to fruition.

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