Specialising in luxury, high-end residential and commercial projects. Creating elegant and timeless spaces. Forging a symbiotic relationship between design and nature.


We do not champion new trends. Rather, we seek to meet the needs and desires of individuals. And as defenders of slow design, we create natural, sustainable and transformational spaces with calming atmospheres.

By designing interiors that respect nature and the human experience, we create spaces that inspire and tell a story. Places that encourage people to slow down, to think, and to nourish their sense of wellbeing.

We also recognise that each client is unique and place them at the heart of our work. We believe in each place being unique and reflecting who you are. And in the power of creativity, not the standardisation of places.

We are driven by the idea that design transcends the boundaries of aesthetics and that genuine reflection can nourish every scheme we work on. This vision of design aims to enrich the human experience and is at the centre of all our projects.

Charlotte Findlater Biophilic Designer

For us, design is much more than the application of technical knowledge

It is a means of artistic expression making it possible to transform a space into a real emotional universe. It is a process that allows us to create calm, natural, and harmonious spaces.

Symmetry, proportion and architectural features run right through our environmentally-friendly spaces. And you can expect to see stunning design-led craftsmanship because we wholly value collaboration in the creative process. It is through the sharing of ideas, concepts and visions that artists and craftsman from different fields can develop their creativity and help us create spaces that are extraordinary.

Charlotte Findlater designed spaces encourage a slowdown and a decrease in our rate of consumption. They inspire a return to the source of what ‘is’ and an interest in the essence of objects.

We bring passion, depth of knowledge and endless enthusiasm to every project we work on creating space that stand out from the crowd.

Charlotte Findlater Biophilic Designer
Charlotte Findlater Biophilic Designer

Based in the North of England, we provide:

  • outstanding interior and architectural design
  • build and project management
  • total refurbishment services
  • landscape services




Credit to

Photography, Nico and Tate

Stylist, Cara Peeny
www.representedby.me  @carapeeney

Hair and make up, Michael Richmond
www.representedby.me  @mrrichmond


Projects range from complete property renovations to bespoke room schemes.
We have experience of:

  • significant listed buildings
  • country houses
  • new builds
  • city apartments
  • commercial spaces
  • landscaping

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